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A&E Construction is committed to sharing our design expertise on every project that we work on. We make recommendations to our clients on the right sort of products, processes or applications for their specific project. We provide the same level of design expertise to all projects, whether they are large or small.

We work closely with our clients throughout the process to determine the right design for their project. This helps to ensure that projects are well designed from the outset and delivered on time. We always keep our clients fully appraised throughout the process.

What we can help you with:


Whether you are planning a major project or a small one – our years of experience mean that we can provide you with advice and guidance on all aspects of your project design. Sometimes our clients have a very clear understanding of what they need, which we can deliver on. At other times this is less clear so we assist with expert advice and guidance.

Construction design management

Design is all about understanding specific requirements and ensuring that they are met, so what works well for one business or home, may not work elsewhere.

Whether or not you need the input of an architect, we can draw-up detailed designs and we do this for the majority of the projects that we complete for our clients.

We work in close contact with you to make sure that we understand every element that you require and incorporate all of your requirements into a detailed design spec. that works for you.

Regulations and approvals

Some construction work requires planning permission and we will be able to advise you if this is the case for your project. Most domestic construction projects do, however, require local building control approval which we can help with. In our experience, having clear designs for any construction projects that we work on helps to streamline this process and makes it much easier when it comes to final sign off.

If you are looking for expert construction design support for your project – get in touch with A&E Construction today. Our expert team can provide advice and guidance on your project from design phase through to full completion.

Do you require design advice or guidance for your project. Call us or fill in our contact form below and we will be happy to help.

The right design

Establishing the right design from the outset ensures that construction projects are destined for success.

Traditionally, construction firms have often worked with designs produced by someone else, but at A&E Construction,  we believe it is important to be part of the design process ourselves – ensuring that we add value throughout the process.

Contact us for more information on our design expertise.

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